Practicing for some shows

In between The Revery practice, I have been practicing for some shows on my own. I’ve teamed up with johnny sheets, josh thomas, and john beck and I’m hopeful to get a show booked very soon.

Other than that I’ve been learning some protools and turned 26 today. I want this year to be my best yet , so I’m gonna try an accomplish as much as possible. That means finally releasing new material!

Playing at the Vineyard Saturday

Im planning to play a few songs at the Vineyard Saturday with Jordan Earles. I sat in last night at a place called Papitas Fajita Factory. It ended up being a good time. Other than that I’ve been trying to come up with a consistent schedule for the band and get this protools install finalized- somehow not being very nice with Windows 8 :/

Setting up Pro Tools

Well I’ve gotten myself a copy of pro tools to work on some songs. John was able to give me a copy of the songs we had been working on. I’m looking forward to sitting down and editing what i have and hopefully releasing a song or two this month! He recently purchased a new interface that we will be using. Also next week we are planning to work on some baffles. Other than that most of my time has been spent with The Revery. We just had a photoshoot on Wednesday night that turned out well.

Brushing up on some older songs

Well im currently working through some old material. Still trying to figure out whats going to go on the album and whats not. I will say the new album is going to be much different from Simplicity but still keeping that acoustic vibe. I will try to get a sample of one of the new songs up very soon. Right now were just trying to secure a spot in the studio for drums, which has been a painful process.

October means recording

My goal is to keep everyone updated with my recording process for the entirety of October. Its been over 2 years since my last release and im really really really needing to get this new material out there. Right now im just trying to secure some more time in the studio. In between my new project “The Revery” and work its been tough. So far the only progress ive made on the cd is some scratches for a few of the songs. But im hoping that will change this month.


Booking shows,videos, and EP

Currently trying to book some shows around baton rouge. Were hoping to get a show with Molly Taylor at GameDay or RedStar. So I will let everyone know as soon as I get more info. Also we recorded some videos last week that I will put up on the site as soon as we finish them.Other than that I’ve mostly just been laying the groundwork for the new EP I hope to release late summer. I cant believe its been nearly 2 years since my last release. Time really does fly.